1. Prioritize, then strategize. Take some time to develop a game plan before diving headfirst into any project. This forethought can help you sidestep potential hurdles.
  2. Don’t delay. Worrying about a task doesn’t count as working on it. Rather than putting off your most pressing deadlines, address them. Getting these assignments out of the way first will lower your stress level and make your overall goal seem more manageable.
  3. Break it up. Take short breaks to relieve crunch-time tension. Go for a walk or engage in a little stimulating conversation with your colleagues. If you can’t leave your workstation, close your eyes, take deep breaths and try to clear your head for a few moments.
  4. Request more coverage. Some jobs simply can’t be completed by one person, even if you are a star performer. If you’re doing everything possible to meet your obligations and still see no end in sight, identify duties that can be delegated and ask for backup.
  5. Stay cool. Even the most upbeat and well-mannered professionals can become flustered and temperamental when under stress. Don’t contribute to the tense atmosphere. Although it’s not always easy, take criticism with a grain of salt on hectic days. Think before speaking and don’t let anyone else’s poor attitude affect your own.

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