1. Creating the project.
1.1 File > New > Other (or Ctrl + N).
1.2 Meven Project [Click]
1.3 Create a simple project (skip archetype selection) [Tick]
1.4 Fill the Artifact Details
1.5 Add dependencies to the pom.xml.
1.6 Create the Utilities.java in test package.
1.7 Create a Junit Test Class (TestUtilities) in the test package.

2. Build the Jar and Deploy in Jmeter
2.1 Run Maven Build
2.2 Get the jar from the build location.
2.3 Put the jar to the jmeter folder.

3. Test with Jmeter.
3.1 Run the Jmeter
3.2 Add the Junit Request
3.3 Add a Listner
3.4 Start.

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